I always dreamed of being a cultural anthropologist,

but when I was 17, MTV gave me a camera and put me on the road to produce an episode of their series MADE. I had no money, no crew and had to shoot/producer/sound mix/edit. Getting that camera was like finding my paint brush and I learned no matter your resources, all you need is a strong story and an emotional way of telling it.

Today’s challenge is the ever changing sea of formats and content. It’s easy to forget with these new tools and delivery systems that we are still teaching people through narrative. We get stuck in the past, obsess over film grain and movies from the 70s but forget that we are the luckiest group of filmmakers in history. Since beginning my career, I’ve lived with mole people, taught high school, raided drug cartels with the DEA, and captured the last days of NASA’s space shuttles in 3D. Working with filmmakers like Paul Schrader and Harris Savides, ASC, I've learned to develop new technology to make the process invisible and morehumanity into filmmaking. For the first time, we have the ability to create images no one has ever seen before and deliver in whatever way makes most sense for the story.

I really do believe if you could go back in time and tell Kubrick or Welles about the tools we have today they would be right here with us, working everyday to find a new better way to tell stories and it’s only going to get better.


D&AD Pencil - Direction - 'One More Day - Unanswered' - Lead Pencil 2017

Cannes Lions - Film Craft - Direction 'One More Day - Unanswered' - Bronze Lion 2016

Clio Spots - 'NFL - Man Up' - Shortlist 2017

Clio Spots - 'Right to Win - Jalin's Story' - Shortlist 2016

Shots - Rising Stars 2016

Emmy Award - 'MTV's MADE - 200th Episode' - 2011


My passion is working to help high school students any way I can. My foundation, Right to Win, sponsors student athletes in Ohio dealing with controversial Pay-to-Play fees. In the last two years we have helped over 20 students back on the field. Check out our website to learn more about our mission.